How It Works

How It Works

Below chart helps you to understand the whole process of purchasing vehicle from SP Auto including shipping and towing.


Free registration

In order to start the buying process, you must first register with us.

The registration is free and easy.

  • No Credit Card Required
  • Sign Up in 1 minute
  • Secure
  • Get access to over 15 years of experience
  • Support
  • Free Consultation

Vehicle search

Go to the Auction List tab to select the auction you would like to buy vehicle from.
Once you click on the selected Auction Link you will be able to search the auction inventory. Auctions which does not list their inventory to the public, we will provide you access with view only account. Choose the vehicle you are interested. Do your due diligent inspection of the vehicle and estimate the value of the car.


How to bid

Fill out the purchase order with required information. Tell us how much you want to bid on the vehicle.

Place the security deposit.
We will bid for you and if we won and the seller approves the sale, we will inform you.


Auction type

Salvage Auctions are specialized in remarketing of Salvage, Damaged, Insurance write off, recovered theft and parts vehicles, ATVs, boats, etc.


Dealer Auctions 

Dealer Auctions provides wholesale vehicle auction solutions to professional car buyers and sellers.

Types of Inventory: Wholesale, Off Lease & Rentals, Top Line Luxury, Heavy Duty Truck & Equipment, RV-s, Marine, Powersport, Bank Repos, Manufacturers.


Powersport Auction

Powersport Auction is provider of powersport vehicle remarketing service. Powersport Auction serves the industry’s largest financial institutions, OEMs and dealers through a multitude of live and online selling platforms.

Inventory types: ATVs, Motorcycles, Boats.



How to buy

Fill out the Purchase order. Place the required deposit. Live bidding.

Winning bid confirmations by the auction. Some sales needs approval by seller after wining the bid (on approval, if bid, Minimum bid).

  • Deposit
  • Purchase Order
  • Please check our Pricing List
  • Transparent Process
  • You can watch online the Live Bidding
  • Winning bid confirmation


The invoice amount will include the auction invoice amount plus our fees. For car payment the funds will need to be wire transferred to our bank account. For the fee invoice you can make wire payment, credit card, PayPal payment. Please make sure to send payment on time to avoid late fee.


Papers / Ownership Documents

The ownership documents should arrive within 2-3 weeks from the Sale Date. Once payment is made, the ownership documents will be sent to us where they will be placed in your name, and then sent by FedEx or Registered Mail to the mailing address we have on file.



We can arrange transportation for your vehicle for a fee.

  • Worry Free Transportation
  • Competitive Rates
  • Save time and Money