Auction List

Auction List

We are registered at below auctions and will be able to buy for you vehicle from these auctions. SP
Auto Export Inc. gives you access to the largest North American dealer auctions, so you will be able
to find good deal with your vehicle purchase.

Auction list

SP Auto Export Inc is here to help people purchase clean and salvaged vehicles through North America online auto auctions:

Our Action Partners websites. Find here your dream car

SP Auto Export Inc. requires a security deposit for Bidding Limit and relisting fees. Before you can bid, you must set your BIDDING LIMIT with a security deposit. A security deposit is 20% of your total BIDDING Limit.

(example $200 security deposit = $1000 Bidding Limit)

Relisting Fees: SP Auto Export Inc. collects a security deposit in advanced to help cover fees that occur when a buyer wins an auction but refuses to pay for the vehicle. Refusing to purchase a vehicle that is won at auction results in the forfeiture of the security deposit.